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what is 'Bunny for breakfast'?

Bunny for breakfast is consultancy from Nick Ruskin, aimed at helping small businesses and start ups get off the ground via web, social media and marketing. The idea is that the skills I use with larger SMEs can be shared with smaller businesses.


This is the second version of Bunny for breakfast, and was relaunched March 2016. We still offer the same high quality web designs on sound programming, the same low prices and excellent support but it’s no longer just me, I’m supported by trusted freelancers I use with my other business. Advice is still free but most importantly I’m now offering optional mentoring to help businesses engage with their customers, get found and grow themselves, and this I’m charging for on a low month by month or quarterly basis. And we’re starting to see some great results – it’s surprising how little social media you need to do to get sales.


I had lots of successes with the first version of Bunny for breakfast but it grew too fast, and having learned a lot from a few mistakes, the experience reshapes this new Bunny for breakfast. So a little of the history may help you decide if it’s worth exploring further.


I launched Bunny for breakfast just over two years ago when we moved to the Cotswolds from Oxford. I’m still a partner in NickRuskin.com, a London based programming/digital project management consultancy specialising in developing code for bespoke sites. Working in London, I was a bit shocked at the quality of web sites produced locally and surprised at the high prices charged. (Tip: London consultants are often cheaper as competition is fierce.)


So I set up a local web design consultancy of my own, Bunny for breakfast offering cheap, high quality sites with great service and support, and ended up with just over 40 clients within a year. I added Bunny for lunch in London and six months later it was approaching 100 with clients in Bath, London and the Midlands, but clearly I had a problem as clients weren’t using the sites as planned.


On nearly three out of every four sites on my servers, the client hadn’t changed a thing since day one. We’d write the site and put together a great story about the product or service, and that was as far as the site would go. (NickRuskin.com programs and project manages larger sites that are business critical so the prospect of building but not using a site was a surprise to me.)


But in reality most people want their business to develop through their site, not just provide static information. The problem was most of the clients hadn’t the time or inclination to write blogs and social media themselves, and quickly put well intentioned plans to regularly update their sites on hold.


I discussed this with groups of web designers at various events and though they had far fewer clients overall the proportions were similar – generally they viewed these as their best clients as most profitable and least trouble!


I don’t see it that way. It’s very important to me that this business helps smaller businesses grow but with so many designs going through, it wouldn’t be possible, so the business had to be rethought out. The issues for the clients were time and money. For clients without the resources to market their business, the simple option is to do it yourself. That’s really hard, it needs new skills, research and lots of time. Time is often also short but there is a solution.


Mentoring the business owner, or member of staff, to get them up to speed on the basics of SEO and social media. Encourage them and help them plan and structure their time, and monitor and report on their progress. Provide researched key words, updates on what’s trending. Advise on promotions and provide the tools to make them work, plus guidance on good practice and any legal requirements. And finally provide graphics support and copywriting. And it works.


I want to nurture and encourage the businesses I work with. We can produce great looking, effective sites and promotions, and help you use them. I’ve introduced a new support facility to provide ‘on request’ quick training videos to show how to use any aspect of your site from us. Basically, I’ll talk you through and show you what to do in a clip you can watch whenever you wish, and provide these as often as needed. I’m still happy to come and see you and talk but a clip of your site you can return to is invaluable.


The other change is the introduction of renewable quarterly hosting and agreements. Basically, we don’t tie you into long agreements and make it really easy for you to take your site and manage yourself, should you prefer to. Try doing that with any of the ‘cheap’ sites from major hosts that provide everything, they can prove very expensive when your business grows and very difficult to leave. 


So if that sounds of interest, scroll on down to see our prices and capabilities, plus some examples of our work. And if you’d like to find out more, give me a call or send a message.

transparent pricing
pick and mix to suit

Bunny for breakfast is about providing the sites and social media tools a business needs, and support and advice. And, if desired, some mentoring. My role can also be to help you identify your market but most importantly I can guide you and your staff on making your site useful, and your time and effort worthwhile.


The starting point is usually a website, either a full one or simpler blog, micro site or landing page. Mentoring can be added to provide a package that suits.


Pricing is low and because of the separate elements, easy to budget and find a solution that provides the best value. I don’t specialise in cheap sites, but am very competitive at every price level and can build a genuinely worthwhile site for very little.


Across the systems I specialise in, I use a family of components I know are compatible with each other and maintain and develop these on an ongoing basis. These form the basis of my main sites. Beyond that I can provide bespoke programming (through my programming company NickRuskin.com) to fit specific needs such as POS (point of service or EPOS) integration but I base this work wherever I can on existing trusted programming to ensure maximum performance and reliability. (If POS is of interest, everything I do is already PCI compliant).


Every site is fully responsive (mobile friendly), includes contact form and is easy to manage and edit – most include blogs and social media provision but I can remove, hide or disable if not required. You can upgrade from one to another by paying the difference between the two, or you can spend a little more on each to customise further to meet any requirement.


The only other costs need be for hosting and optional SSL certificate for security. We provide hosting on fast, secure UK or cloud servers from £25 pcm, however, we can set up the site for you to host and manage yourselves if you prefer. We also provide business critical, managed hosting in London which is ultra fast, and sites are updated and managed on a daily basis, but that is more expensive.


Below is a range of site costs and my three suggested mentoring options …

websites menu

from £700 basic or micro site

Standard or Micro site – these are small sites where the focus is on providing information on a single service or product. We build on the same frameworks as our larger sites and each is unique. And upgrading and expanding is always an option if ever needed. The site includes a home page with images and an introduction, a contact form and a newsletter sign up form as its always good to start building a database of potential customers. The price can include a gallery, 3 extra pages with links or a simple blog.


We also build these as sophisticated landing pages to promote a single brand or promotion where they can be very useful for driving SEO in specific markets. With the addition of translation where appropriate, we also use them individually to target different geographic markets i.e. US, Russian and Chinese versions, then driving the visitor back to the main UK site for purchase. Depending on spec we can include translation within cost.

from £1200 catalogue site

This is a full site with a product catalog and blog. The addition of a product catalog allows you give visitors detailed information and is very flexible. We can produce the site to suit services instead of products or combine the two – for example a hotel could use this level of site to show menu items in the restaurant and hotel rooms and facilities elsewhere on the site. These sites are very adaptable and can include a small amount of bespoke coding to help your site achieve its full potential. It can also be upgraded easily, taking a hotel as an example again, we could add a booking plugin to extend the site’s capabilities to suit.

from £1500 e-commerce site

This is a full site with simple e-commerce and blog – this adds a simple to set up and use e-commerce facility from PayPal or other transaction providers that don’t require you to have a merchant account. We see these as a starting point for you to test markets but you could use indefinitely if you wanted. The basics including sales pricing, coupons and discounts, stock control, shipping options and account management are all included. Gallery, slideshow, contact form and newsletter signup are also included.

from £2500 sophisticated e-commerce site

This site provides a sophisticated and highly secure e-commerce system – this is the next stage in e-commerce and is for clients with full merchant accounts requiring sophisticated transactional software. This is a very good basis for any online business and includes a range of tools to make selling online and managing orders very simple. There is also great flexibility in setting attributes for customer options and sophisticated stock control built in.


In addition there is greater flexibility in showing products and promotions and the site contains a powerful suite of in-bound marketing tools to drive customers to the most popular/profitable lines. It also works to drive social media uptake and email marketing.


The site is built with the addition of extra marketing tools to enhance the customer experience further and maximise ROI. It a sophisticated e-commerce site that can if wished be developed into a marketeers dream, fully EPOS compatible and suited to drop shipping. 12 months SSL certification is included where we host the site.

from £300 additional landing page

Additional landing page – a simple but powerful landing page to convert site visits to quick sales.

mentoring choices

£100 monthly basic mentoring

The service starts at £100 a month which covers checking your blog posts and social media posts to make sure they are written effectively and to guide you on how to improve if not. How to adjust them for search and a selection of researched key words to use, and a monthly chat to see how things are going plus Google Analytics reporting. I would also be available to answer queries on going.

£200 monthly standard mentoring

The next level is at £200 a month and that adds suggestions for content based on industry and local trends, researched keywords and phrases specific to stories and more in depth guidance. I would also resubmit the site to Google and Bing each time three or more articles were added to ensure they re-indexed regularly, which helps your search rankings.

£300 monthly premium mentoring

The third level is at £300 a month and adds help with promotions, basically provision of graphics and writing landing pages and calls to action for a monthly promotion. Alternatively, it can be used to write specific blogs whenever there is a specific need.

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